Friday, October 28, 2011

4 months

Well our babies are now 4 months old and thriving! Wesley now weighs a half a pound more then Talitha and is half an inch longer. They both are now smiling, cooing and starting to laugh at us. Wesley is quite the flirt and Talitha always has a smile for anyone who holds her. They still sleep together and often won't settle down till they are both in the crib together. If someone is holding them they will often fight sleep as much as they can to socialize! Talitha loves sitting in her bumpo. Wesley is still working on holding his head upright for more then 10 seconds. He does have a giant head though so I can't get too worried.
These last four month have been an amazing ride! I have mastered getting to Bible Study Fellowship once a week and enjoy the adult conversation. Other then BSF, I don't get out unless it is a walk to a park near by or church on Sunday when I have Matt to help. Twins are so much fun and so much work. I have to chuckle when people tell me they always wished they had twins. I think if you were to talk with any twin mom she would chuckle as well. It's much more then just an extra baby. And yet that much more joy! I am still amazed that God gave us two sweet babies after so many years. And two babies that resemble their big sister in so many ways. We are very lucky and blessed!
LilliAnne is loving school and has made so many new friends. She comes home with all kinds of new things to tell us! It has bee fun watching her progress at school. She keeps us busy on the weekends and loves her brother and sister so very much! Once again we are very blessed! She is still my favorite hiking partner and we try to go hiking once a week or every other week. We have so much fun finding cool things in the forest to look at and explore!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Autumn Hike

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This was an amazing beautiful day for a hike around Galbrith Mountian behind our house. LilliAnne was all full of energy and powered up the steep hills to get to the top in record time. She kept telling us to not give up and that we would make it if we just tried really hard! It was fun hearing her say the words we often say to her when we hike.
From the top of Galbrith we can see the whole city of Bellingham and the San Juan Islands. Needless to say one of my favorite spots! LilliAnne made friends with all the bikers we came across and found many fun creatures to observe. We caught a lady bug, saw a giant spider (I mean gigantic!), four caterpillars and a snake. It was a fun hike for all of us!
Ty loved it. He ran all around with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth the whole time. Zoey was steady and tried to sprint a few times but those days are behind her now. She was just happy to be with us though.
This was the babies first big hike and it was delightful! We are so very lucky to live where we do and have trails like these so close to our house. Now if I could only figure out how to pack both babies so I can take them on hikes during the week. For now I will enjoy the weekend hikes with the family!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip 2011

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This field trip was a blast! Stoney Ridge Farm is an amazing place to take the kiddos for fall fun. Our school provided every kid with a bright yellow poncho which I must say was brillant. Other schools were there admiring these ponchos as their kiddos were getting very wet.
I was incharge of two kiddos, LilliAnne and her friend Eva. We had so much fun looking at animals, listening about how honey is really bee throw-up, learning how to pick apples the right way and then getting to take a very fun hay ride to the pumpkin patch. We did eat lunch at a point in there but that was just because we had to.
LilliAnne choose to paint her little pumpkin with a happy face when we got home. We are both very tired and so glad we got to do this together!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 weeks

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So we are back tracking a bit with these pictures. The twins are just over 5 weeks old in these pictures and they are before Wesley's surgery. Amazing the difference and so thankful for the difference! Wesley eats like a typical boy and has caught up with his sister for sure. They are both sleeping through the night now and will be moving into their room with LilliAnne next week. We are going to keep them in the same crib for a bit longer though. They are just too cute sleeping next to eachother and I think they enjoy looking at each other as they fall asleep. These pictures were taken by our friend Ann Appel who has an amazing website you should check out when you have time: You will find the twins pictures under Portraits and Children. There are a few more I haven't included here. Enjoy!!