Friday, May 18, 2012

Post Emergency Fun!

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911 on Mother's Day

Mr. Wesley scared us Mother's Day evening this year.  He had decided to eat the top of a foam head that I use on the challenge course.  Amazing how fast they find the things they shouldn't find and eat.  Anyways, he got a small piece of it stuck in his throat and was having a very hard time breathing.  My parents were here at the time and called 911.  Matt and I were out on a date and on our way home literally chased the ambulance up Roland St.  All I really remember when we pulled up to our house was the image of a fireman with Wesley on his arm and him pounding on his back and neighbors outside of our house helping with the girls.  I ran to him and could hear him crying but definitely having a hard time.  I rode in the ambulance with him to the hospital where there was a team of people ready for him.  After a couple x-rays and giving him steroids and other medication to open his airway he coughed, gagged and swallowed whatever it was that was making it hard for him to breath.  He laid on his belly and proceeded to smile at everyone in the room.  At that point I knew he was going to be okay, his breathing had returned to normal.  Relief overcame me and Matt.  He sat up and continued to work the room of doctors, nurses and specialists.  They still decided to sedate him and scope him to make sure it had not gone into his lungs.  They found nothing so we were admitted for a night in Bellingham.  We were spared a flight to Seattle thankfully!

He really enjoyed his time with Matt and I, but we did explain to him that emergency visits to the hospital were not necessary to get cuddles and special time with Mom and Dad.  I must say I enjoyed him sleeping in my arms.

He was sad for a few days following our admittance.  But he is back to himself now and doing great!  I, on the other hand am still recovering.  Tuesday it hit me hard that we almost lost him.  At his follow up appointment the doctor explained to us that his Oxygen Levels were not good and that he was in serious danger before he coughed  and swallowed the foam.  On our way home I saw three ambulances just out driving around and literally lost it.  I really never want to see another one in our driveway ever again.  So grateful for our little man and that God gave us more days with him.

Monday, May 7, 2012