Monday, September 12, 2011

Home from the first day of Kindergarten

Well, we all did it! LilliAnne had a fabulous day at school and even got to bring Pete the cat home. From what I could gather Pete helps the kinders know what to do while at school. He uses his new school shoes for walking. LilliAnne told me that she colored, drew and read as well as ate her lunch. She enjoyed recess very much too. Riding the bus was a big highlight for her. She rides bus #5 and sits upfront. I am so excited for her and so glad she had a great first day!

First day of Kindergarten

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The morning started early with cinnamon chip pancakes and eggs. As we got ready,I, Laura Jane, realized LilliAnne was going to be gone all day and had to do my best to hold it together. Once she was all ready to head out the door it really hit home that this was it. We walked to bus together. Well she ran I walked. It was reassuring that she was so excited and ready for this major change.
Getting on the bus she barely said goodbye. The bus driver was kind and waited till we got our picture to continue down the road with our kiddo. Matt and I headed straight to school to wait for her bus to show up. When it did it was obvious that she had already made a friend on the bus. She did say hello to us and then promptly followed the mass of children to the playground.
Once the bell rang she seemed to know just what to do. She got her backpack and took her friends hand and walked right in and found class #5. Once again barely saying goodbye. I had to grab her to kiss her and say goodbye. She was ready to explore her new surroundings.
Now I am home and feeling so blessed to have LilliAnne and missing her like crazy. She is going to do amazing in school and I am one proud mommy to have an outgoing girl like her! We lucked out when God choose to give her to us.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

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We braved Labor Day weekend traffic and went to the family cabin on Mt. Hood. The drive down was an adventure all in itself, but we made it! We enjoyed seeing friends and family and Mt. Hood. The twins went on their first hike near Mt. Hood Meadows. It was very hot so we didn't go very far. Ty enjoyed the huckleberries as much as we did! We also took lots of time to play near Still creek and in Still creek. All in all it was a good trip and we hope to do it again next year.

3 Sweeties

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