Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Forever and Ever Day

On this day in 2006 the state of Oregon granted us the right to be LilliAnne Joy's parents forever and ever! Besides her birth this was one of the best days we had that year!! We love celebrating it every year. This year we are taking her down to the Skagit Children's Museum to play.  She had decided that this dress is her official forever and ever day dress. :)  LilliAnne has an active imagination and is always on the move.  She has made some great friends in our neighborhood as well.  We often have 3-5 kiddos playing in our front and back yard and it's all because of our social girl.  She has even used cymbals to try to get the other kids to come play.  Always thinking of great ways to be who she is.  LilliAnne has a way of making us laugh and is really the only one that can get Wesley to giggle without tickling him.  She is an amazing big sister and it is truly a joy watching her with Wesley and Talitha.  We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and are so glad the state of Oregon signed her over to us forever and ever!
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This year Easter was fairly quiet. We did a scavenger egg hunt and LilliAnne had to follow the clues to her ultimate Easter gift. We got her Sillyville from Wee Sing and Wee Sing Silly Songs from Itunes. She loves this video and the music. Wee Sing Silly Songs was one of my favorite tapes when I was a kid. It is so much fun listening to her sing to the songs and often we hear giggles from her siblings!