Friday, July 8, 2011

Coming Home!

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July 8, 2011!  The day they were scheduled to arrive turned into the day Talitha and Wesley got to come home.  All three of us were so excited this morning. We could hardly wait to get to the hosiptal to do all they required to let us take them home.  The nurse that discharged us had been our nurse for three days and one night so it was a bit sad to say goodbye.  She had taught me, Laura Jane, so much.

Before we made it home we stopped by Matt's work, 2020 ENGINEERING.  They were thrilled to see them and had even written them a funny story, "Mad Libs" style, about what this pregnancy has been like.  Matt's co-workers have been so very patient this last 8 months thru many doctor visits and a few emergency visits including a month plus on bed rest.  I am so very grateful for their patience and support through these last 8 months.

We are home and loving it.  LilliAnne is very excited about being a big sister and wants to be very helpful.   Now it is getting into a routine, remembering to eat, drink and sleep.  Glad we are here and excited to watch them grow!


  1. So adorable, love all the pictures! LilliAnne looks so cute holding the babies and helpin' out! Hugs to you all!

  2. What a grand day! Love...Love...Love comes through the wind and settle's into your little home! We are just soooo very happy for you!
    xxoo Mom and Jim

  3. LilliAnne looks OLDER now that those babes are in her arms! Praying continually for you 5!