Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 4

Here's a quick update to go with the photo's. Laura Jane was let out of her hovel, I mean hospital room, yesterday. She is now splitting time between the NICU and our bed. The pets really missed her. I don't know how many times Zoey and Ty licked her or did a dance in the last 24-hours. Both the dogs and cats seem to know that something has changed with her belly as the dogs haven't tried to jump up to greet her as they typically do after she's been gone overnight. And only Lucie has climbed onto her lap, avoiding her belly.

The babies are doing great. They are a little "jaundicy" so they are being watched to determine whether they need to spend some time under the special lights. They are both nursing well, getting a few direct feedings from mommy and being supplemented through their feeding tube. The big news though is that the IV's are out. Now their hands won't look like they had a major injury.

LilliAnne is absolutely excited to see the babies. She is taking to the big sister role well. She has also enjoyed swim lessons this week and the one on one time she has had with friends and family. I think she went to two birthday parties this week, which means two pieces of cake. Good thing we didn't have to deal with the sugar effects afterward!

This weekend will consist of splitting time doing things around the house and hanging out with the babies. We're looking forward to it. The babies will get to spend the holiday celebrating their independence from the cozy confines of mommy's uterus as well as the independence that made this country the best in the world.

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  1. Sounds like all is progressing swimmingly! Wish you could take those jaundice babes out in today's sunshine! =)