Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are enjoying being able to sit up these days! The twins love chatting with eachother and endlessly smiling at their big sister and us. Wesley has rolled over while sleeping multiple times now and I think it scares him awake. He always looks so shocked when I go check on him. Talitha and Wesley both love to tell us all about their days and it is so funny to me how different they sound. Wesley is all boy with his noises and Talitha is all girl. Wesley grunts and coos. Talitha trills and shrieks. It is too cute!

LilliAnne is doing great in school. Last week I got to go in for a few hours and help her teacher while observing her class. LilliAnne is a leader and a good helper to her teacher. She felt pretty special that her mommy got to go to school with her for the morning.
LilliAnne also enjoys reading to the twins. She is into the book Heidi right now. Talitha and Wesley both give LilliAnne big smiles whenever she is around.
We are all ready for the snow to fall! Whenever there is frost on the ground LilliAnne gets very excited. I, Laura Jane, get to teach at Timberline again this winter. I will teach over Christmas break and our Spring break and maybe a long weekend here or there. I am very excited that they are letting me come back! I am also teaching a few kiddos from our church here in Bellingham. LilliAnne is very excited to get back on her skis. I look forward to making some turns with her this winter and watching her take off!

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  1. Look at those CUTIES! It's been too long since I've gotten to see them (YOU!) XOX