Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 2013

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This month has been busy. We have enjoyed so many sunny days, so we have been busy enjoying all the parks near us and hiking as often as we could get out. Bellingham has so many great parks and trails and we are lucky enough to live right in the middle of some wonderful places to play and explore! Galbrith is just behind our house so that is often where I, Laura Jane, go with the dogs. It is not stroller friendly so I can only ever really go by myself or with LilliAnne. Unless we have someone to watch kiddos (which is very rare), then Matt gets to come with me. Our night hike was super adventurous as our new dog, Max, took off twice thought to be lost forever out in the vast forest of Galbrith. He always found his way back to us though!! LilliAnne and I have gone on several hikes. Often trying to find stamps that are hidden in the woods! We enjoy letterboxing a lot and it is so cool when we do find a stamp and can put it in our book. Even though the sun has been out it was cold for a while, but that never stops us! We have also enjoyed our amazing back yard a lot! We are so grateful for where we live. We can just go outside and enjoy the sunshine and keep ourselves busy for a long time. For our creative ones, sidewalk chalk is the favorite. For our little guy playing with the trucks and tractors or riding his bike is all time fun! Grandma came to visit us and the kids had so much fun having her here. They read a lot of books together and colored a lot! They enjoyed decorating eggs together. I enjoyed a hike with Matt and a mommy only hike during the day with a friend and Max. It was hard not to take Ty but it was good I did not. He would have been so sore. I am not enjoying watching him grow old. He still gets out on Galbrith with us though! This month also has brought possible future change. We went to Port Townsend while Matt had an interview with the county there. We ended up deciding to not move there so turned down the job. It is a cute town to visit though! So our hunt continues. We have no idea where God wants us, but we are willing to go or stay.

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